Creating Comfort, Stylishly!

Home is where we enjoy our families, entertain our friends, and the place we go to nourish and refresh our souls. We believe in surrounding ourselves with pieces we love and allowing our spaces to evolve. 

If you don’t see things that look like our products in other stores, it’s because we’re committed to bringing you the most unique furnishings from around the world. We hand pick every shipment, browsing thousands of items and selecting only those pieces that pass our strict criterion of form, function, style, scale and price. Welcome to our world.
— Merry and Patrick



From Mumbai to Shanghai, we've found intriguing and handsome furnishings that will bring a little sunshine into your world.



We have extensive experience designing interiors. Our team is ready to assist you in whatever project you undertake.



Fabrics, sofas, and exciting product is constantly coming through our doors.

Craftsmanship and Quality

Craftsmen from around the world hand-make every piece of furniture we carry, but the materials differ greatly. Many of our products are over a hundred years old. Some of our newly-built upholstery frames use synthetic materials that won’t warp or bend.

Whatever the material, the craftsmanship is top notch. 



   Style with Wit

Antique furniture, or newly constructed pieces using aged, reclaimed woods, the result is a rich soothing environment of gorgeous patinas. Mixed with contemporary artisanal pieces, you'll find treasures that reflect your style.


Realizing Your Vision 


Our designers have a depth of experience that translates to a beautiful result and a good design experience for you, our client.




So, whether it’s old or new, classic or contemporary, we’re committed to bringing you casual and affordable furnishings that you’ll have for years to come. We're only a short drive from many locations in the Southeast and Midwest. We trust you'll agree that the drive will be well worth your time.