Spring Training - Now in Session!

Ok, it’s that time – Let’s get your house in shape in time for spring. We’ve got everything you need to make it happen! Team up with one of our top designers and let them whip your house into shape with these easy tips.

Eat clean. Design Clean.  Just as one feels better after eating a clean meal, the same can be said for entering a clean and ordered space. “I believe the state of one’s home has a direct impact on one’s state of mind, and with our busy lives, it is nice to come home to a serene space. When chaos and clutter abound, they block our natural creativity and our internal desire for clarity and order. This spring might be just the time to clean out the clutter and focus on optimizing your surroundings for total joy.”
Merry Dougherty

Make the space fit….your needs! Create a gathering space that’s comfortable and multi-functional. Use swivel chairs so that you can talk to anyone, watch tv or read a good book. Use a fabric like the one shown below (crypton fabric by Fairfield) that is forgiving and easy to clean! Then liven up the room with pillows, throws and area rugs!”
Sharron Reynolds

Pump up the color… “Pops of color add interest and dimension. They help to draw your eye around the room.” A little exercise for your eyes! 😉
Elizabeth Campbell. 

Find balance: Namaste. “Completing a room almost always requires an expression of zenophilia, an affection and respect of one for the other. It may manifest itself in a sculpture of Buddha, a Navajo blanket, or a work by a revered artisan.”
Jack Kennedy

Buy fresh and reward yourself! "Spring is all about renewal and a perfect time to add something fresh to your decor. It can be as simple as adding new art, pillows with a pop of unexpected color, or a complete upgrade of your space. You and your home are worth the investment, and we can help you make it fresh and fabulous!"